Degree Programs

Vocational Ministry Degrees

A seminary degree provides a solid foundation for full-time ministry and vocational careers. Theological education deepens your understanding of the Bible, church history and faith tradition, and enables you to define, defend and share your faith in ways that are both accurate and relevant.

Find the knowledge, skills and personal formation you need in whatever profession God has called you—in the church and the world.

Master of Divinity | Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy | Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis | Certificate in Spiritual Care | Doctor of Ministry

Marketplace Leadership Degrees

Let the gospel inform all that you do. Strengthen your faith foundation and biblical knowledge for application in the marketplace by pursuing theological education. Choose from a series of upgrade courses for personal advancement, or complete a theological or marketplace leadership degree.

Graduate Diploma - Christian Studies | Master of Arts - Christian Studies

Theological Research Degrees

Prepare yourself for doctoral studies or pursue further academic training through a theological research degree. Access our one-of-a-kind Septuagint resources and tap into the knowledge of our world-class faculty.

Master of Theological Studies | Master of Theology

Korean-Language Degrees

Complete your theological education fully in Korean. Choose from a variety of in-depth programs that deepen your biblical understanding and enable you to apply biblically-based concepts effectively in real life ministry settings.

Graduate Diploma - Worldview Studies in Korean | Master of Arts - Worldview Studies in Korean | Master of Arts - Global Leadership in Korean | Master of Divinity - Global Leadership in Korean


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